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Enjoy the benefits of brilliance

  • Learn the art of business narratives and storytelling
  • Discover how to develop and deliver humor, and incorporate into serious content
  • Stand up in the boardroom and be confident, clear and compelling
  • Be more influential and persuasive when pitching for business
  • Present ideas or new business effectively to your teams or other departments
  • Develop keynote speeches that get rave reviews

Dave – Giving a TED Talk at the TEDx event last month was on my bucket list… and I very much appreciate your help on refining my stories! It was a thrill to have my 97-year-old dad, my stepmom and AC in the audience – none of them had seen me speak professionally before. Best, Melinda.

Dave – I just wanted to send you a thank you note:

  • My coworker is mastering demos and presentations to small and big audiences. He looks much more confident.
  • I performed two town halls yesterday and I helped my peers (the other leaders in the organization) create a very compelling presentation. We did great (better than ever) according to the feedback we received.

Manager, Major IT Corporation.