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Implementing This Technique

As you develop content for a presentation, look for areas where you describe or list multiple items, or where the content would benefit from the one/two/three structure. (E.g. When you’re describing a person, place or thing.) Once you identify a specific “subject” that could benefit from incorporating humor, use the process below.

1)      Identify the Subject

2)      Make a list of “small” things associated with the subject

3)      Make a list of “big” things associated with the subject

4)      Make a list of “absurd or crazy” things associated with the subject.

5)      Once you have your lists, find a combination of two “set-ups” that are of equal weight. Now, find a single item that is unequal weight or just unusual and crazy!

6)      Make the final combination as concise as possible.

Still sounds a bit complicated? The explainer video below breaks it down into clearer steps!


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