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Punch Word + Misdirect = Trigger Laughter!

It is a great feeling when you find the optimum punch words, sentence structure, and comedic timing to trigger explosive laughter in your audience! Surprise (e.g. misdirection) is the most common reason people laugh. Punch words reveal the surprise.

Punch words are important because the pause you provide after the trigger words gives the audience time to identify the misdirection and they subsequently laugh.

An effective sentence structure leads the audience to conjure up an image in their minds. The punch word reveals the surprise image, and they spontaneously laugh.  The sentence structure, cadence, and timing provide them time to create that image…before you misdirect.

Cadence and sentence structure refer to the development of a sense of rhythm and pace to enhance the audience development of visual images.

There are a couple of benefits to changing your cadence and sentence structure. First, it can minimize the potential of “stepping” on the audience’s laughter. Second, it can help you go from getting no audience response to getting a chuckle or a belly-laugh.

Let us explore this with a four-minute overview video followed by a quick example.

In the example portion, note the rhythm and intonation I use in the final sentence to build towards the climax…followed by the punch word/trigger word…followed by laughter. Watch the faces in the audience and look for the sudden “ah-ha” moment as they realize the twist.


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