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Link Emotions To Relatable Items and Act Them Out

Link Emotions to Relatable Topics & Act Them Out – Example

While watching this brief video example remember that the process of developing this type of humor includes:

  • Initial Brainstorming
  • Set-Up
  • Punchline

Let’s see this in action in this video excerpt:

The reason this local Dallas audience laughed at “Garland Texas” is that they related to:

  • Texas
  • Garland, Texas being somewhat “blue-collar”
  • Texas mud being everywhere (and nasty)

We have now explored the full process of identifying humor related to negative emotions for a specific topic. It is important to understand that once you fill in the table, you are not finished. It may take hours, days, weeks, months, or even years to keep it evolving and identify more and more humor potential items. (This is the fun part for me!) As I mentioned in the intro video, this takes time. Go at your own pace.

This is a series of blog articles and brief videos on “Finding the Funny – Learn the Step-By-Step-Process to Develop and Deliver Humor & Funny Stories & Incorporate into Serious Content.” The blogs are excerpts from my e-learning course (see link on right) which includes:

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