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Dave Hill discusses the importance of choosing to focus on the positive side of life and the quirky humorous happenings rather than being caught up in all the day to day negativities. This concept applies to the workplace as well as our personal lives. To illuminate his point Dave shares a funny story about his wedding….there was a challenge locating acceptable bridesmaid’s dresses. After some failed attempts the “perfect dresses” were purchased. Day after the wedding on the front page of the newspaper was a picture of a gay parade. The picture included two transvestites wearing the exact same dresses as the bridesmaids! The picture resides proudly in our wedding album. Points to Ponder:

  • Life is quirky…celebrate it with laughter
  • When conflict or negativity is gnawing at your mind…deal quickly and efficiently with what is within your control.
  • Let go and move away from struggles you cannot fix.
  • A humorous outlook is a fantastic coping mechanism and a great way to live a life.

What are your thoughts and life experiences with this?