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Everything You Will Be, Comes from 7 Critical Choices

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Career skills to help create high performers who are motivated and loyal

Format: ​20-60 minute keynote. This program is perfect for:

  • Management and leadership training.
  • Young professionals who will benefit from career strategy guidance.
  • Individuals who want to get noticed and promoted.

The audience will leave with success strategies such as:

  • Learn character traits that lead to promotion.
  • Discover how your sense of humor is a huge advantage
  • Understand actions that support your success.
  • Uncover how you can generate team spirit, trust and enthusiasm.
  • Identify how to recover from mistakes and achieve a career that stimulates your growth.

Additional Information: Many professionals discover that they change careers two or three times in their lives. High potential employees and leaders embark on a path of lifelong learning where they develop the necessary skills to take advantage of opportunities. Beyond technical skills, experience and knowledge, an organization’s leadership look at your: Ability to communicate thoughts clearly and concisely. Problem-solving skills and personality. Interactions and personnel management.

Testimonial: “Thank you very much Dave, for giving your limited time to help the next generation of business leaders in shaping their communications skills. Every student I have talked to expressed appreciation for a very effective workshop you delivered. We are very grateful and thank you very much”!  Regional Director South Central US at Lloyd’s.

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Embrace Mistakes & Challenges? You Have to be Kidding!

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A fun, motivational, and action-packed journey of learning

Format: ​20-60 minute keynote. This program is perfect for leaders, senior management, and teams who want to:

  • Learn and laugh.
  • Understand the importance of accepting challenges and embracing them as an opportunity for growth.
  • Turn challenges around 180 degrees – get over them – and make them even more instructive than successes.
  • Use humor and lightheartedness to reduce stress and anxiety.

The audience will leave with the following success strategies:

  • Focus on everything that is working.
  • Learn how to get yourself out of trouble.
  • Make sense of difficulties.
  • Discover how your sense of humor is an advantage.
  • Understand timely actions that support your success.
  • Uncover how you can generate team spirit, trust and enthusiasm.
  • Identify how to recover from mistakes.
  • Increase collaboration.

​Additional Information:

Beyond technical skills, experience and knowledge, an organization’s leadership look at your:

  • Ability to deal with challenges.
  • Problem-solving skills and personality during a crisis.
  • Interactions and personnel management.

Dave Hill has unusual real life stories! He has had 3 interesting engineering careers that brought him to over 90 countries…from areas of tribal unrest in the mountains of Papua New Guinea, to the shores of Ethiopia in Africa. He has worked as a Chief Engineer Officer on cargo ships, as an Accident Prevention Specialist, a Risk Engineer, and is now a communication skills expert, professional speaker, author, speech coach, and consultant.

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Employees and Leaders Have this Priceless Skill – But Few Discover It!

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Develop business narratives that captivate, connect, and inspire

Format: ​20-60 minute keynote. This program is perfect for:

  • Events where you want high energy, engaging stories, audience interaction, and entertaining Irish wit.
  • Senior management who want to build stronger customer relationships.
  • Managers who want to build trust and connect with employees.
  • Teams who want to create added value to products, build allegiance, and increase sales.

The audience will leave with: Senior management will understand how relevant narratives bring heart and soul to your business and help you connect with employees, clients, and regulators. Leaders and team members will discover how to save time and money by turning tedious presentations, meetings, and training sessions in relevant, engaging, interactive masterpieces.

Additional Information: Business narratives used by professionals help communicate values, build trust, and connect with employees, clients, and regulators. A great story gives personality and meaning to a company’s services, products, brands, and core values. Learn, laugh, and ponder while Dave Hill illustrates his points with personal stories and examples.

Testimonial: “Dave is an amazing educator and speaker. His enthusiasm for learning and his ability to tell and tell captivating stories is really top notch. He will leave you laughing, probably crying, and learning some very valuable lessons along the way. Having Dave as your speaker will be a decision you will be glad you made.” Senior Lead Consultant at Catapult Systems.

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The Funny Irish Storyteller

For audiences that just want to laugh!

Format: ​20-60 minute keynote. This program is perfect for events relating to:

  • Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Fundraising
  • Celebrating achievements with humor
  • Storytelling and Tall-Tale forums

The audience will:

  • Experience the euphoria of laughter
  • Have fun while listening to some of Dave’s favorite stories

Additional Information: Dave is an award-winning storyteller and humorist who was a finalist in the 2004 World Championship of Public Speaking.

Testimonial: “Dave has the ability to bring the house down with his humor and insight into the human condition.” Senior Consultant at PDI Ninth House.

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Use Stories & Humor in Speeches & Presentations?
You Have to Be Kidding!

Learn the step-by-step-process to develop and deliver humor & funny stories & incorporate into serious content.

Format: 2-3 hour breakout, ½ day workshop, or full-day workshop. This program is perfect for:

  • Professional speakers
  • Public speakers
  • Trainers
  • Town-hall meeting and conference speakers
  • Young professionals and leaders who want to get noticed and promoted

Workshop Benefits:

  • Deliver funny stories audiences rave about
  • Learn the step-by-step tips and tricks to make this easy and fun
  • Engage your audience
  • Experience the euphoria from making groups laugh
  • Get brilliant reviews & referrals
  • Have fun while listening to some of Dave’s favorite stories

Additional Information:

Dave Hill loves to share his step-by-step techniques for developing and delivering stories and humor. Here are some of the reasons you don’t want to miss this Program:

  • Imagine people sitting on the edge of their seats, listening to your stories, and belly laughing at your humor.
  • Visualize people who come up to you several years after a presentation and say, “I remember your story about the….”
  • A finely crafted story will make a contestant, keynote speaker, trainer, executive, front-line worker, or entertainer, memorable.
  • The ability to craft a funny story and take your audience on a journey of emotions and visual images is exhilarating.

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