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Demo Video Excerpts

Re-Engineer Your Communication Strategies – 3 mins.

The Engineer Who Presented In Klingon! An amusing example of how an engineer used his creativity and was successful.

Re-Engineer Your Career 4 ½ min.

Dave Provides a Funny Perspective on Dealing With Career Setbacks.

When Engineers Give Gifts – 1 ½ min.

Dave Hill talks about communication skills that got him out of the doghouse

Use Appropriate Humor – 3 mins.

Dave Hill provides a humorous example of how an inappropriate prank got him into trouble early on in his engineering career.

Re-Engineer Your Communication Skills – 2 ½ mins.

Dave Hill provides a humorous example of when his communication skills were at an all time low.

Dodging Rocket Propelled Grenades – 3 min.
Ineffective presenters waste your company’s resources

Developing a Presentation in Half the Usual Time – 1 min.

Using Mindmaps to structure a presentation quickly?rel=0&autoplay=0

Drunken German Tourist Lands in Court – 2 ½ min.

Funny stories come from unusual circumstances and can be used in serious presentations

Using Stories and Humor in Business Presentations – 1 min.

The importance of illuminating your presentations

Wardrobe Malfunction – 1 min.

Unusual circumstances at the World Championship of Public Speaking

Medical Test Gone Terribly Wrong – 2 min.

Career setbacks can be overcome with tenacity

The day I Knew I Wanted to Become an Engineer – 2 ½ min.

Dave brings us back to 1972 when he crashed his box-cart

A Sequence of Unfortunate Events – 2 ½ min.

Dave discusses setbacks when he was trying to become an engineer

Death By Bullet Point – 2 min.

A proven way to get people to agree and act

Communication Skills Gone Terribly Wrong – 3 min.

Dave tells a story of a low point in his engineering career

How I Learned To Speak Dog – 1 ½ min. Communicating with humor can diffuse stress and build rapport

The Funniest Engineer in the World – 1 min. Dave Hill cracking up audiences at the Dallas Addison Improv